Custom Granite Tiles and Countertops for Colourful Richmond Hill Home Décor

The Best Tiles for Richmond Hill Homes Are Custom Granite Tiles
Granite tiles satisfy the requirements of the home renovator. They are beautiful, durable, and they instantly add value to a home. Small wonder they have become a highly desired flooring material, with a corresponding enhancing effect on a home's value.
Granite tiles are a blend of materials but are hard to differentiate from traditional granite slabs. And they have advantages. The cost point is less than granite but the quality is as high. Tiles are much easier to install and can be fitted to unusual floor spaces. As with granite, granite tiles are durable, stain, scratch and burn resistant – and low maintenance. Tiles are much easier to replace than slabs. As with granite, they are costly but the added value they give a home is well worth the extra investment.
It's a Colourful World
Depending on its mineralogy and chemistry, granite can run the colour palette from pink to grey. Basically it breaks down into six categories.
  • Rose – very rare, with a palette ranging from soft pinks to gentle lavenders. The delicacy of the colour makes it a great choice for countertops (as opposed to flooring).
  • Green – combines with other colours, creating an atmosphere of colour in motion and choice in the room's décor.
  • Gold and Copper – Exciting colours that, when combined with blacks and greys, make a bold statement.
  • Azul – a popular choice, with blues, complex patterns and high sheen.
  • Black – when highly polished it is bold and sophisticated, and works as a design anchor for any colour scheme
  • White – a great contrasting look if cabinetry or furniture is dark.
A trip to a dealer will underline this choice. One granite Specialist in the Greater Toronto Area offers granite tiles in a stunning array of colours. Consider some of these evocative names: Blue Baja, Golden Shadow, Iron Red, Madagascar, Typhoon Bordeaux, Arctic Cream – and Stormy Night! With names like that – and the colours have to be seen to be believed – it makes sense to incorporate the colour of the granite tiles (or counters) into your home design right from the inception, and let the colours of the room flow from it. Because everyone is going to be looking at – and admiring – your floors and counters.
The Care and Treatment of Granite
For all its beauty, granite is a surprisingly low-maintenance stone. With just a bit of effort, this durable stone will last as long as the house and provide visual and practical pleasure for decades.
When conducting daily cleaning, it is best to use a dry cloth to dust and warm water to wipe away any mess and stains. Mild dish soap or hand soap can be used with the water, and should be thoroughly rinsed and dried afterwards.
A stone cleaner can be used on a weekly basis. The cleaner must not contain any abrasives; granite (especially if it is pure stone) can be scratched or cavities to the surface for created.
Every one or two years a granite counter needs to be resealed.
The hardest part about granite, however, is not in its maintenance. It is in the selection of the best colour and form (slab or tile) of the custom granite pieces in your Richmond Hill home. A specialized dealer is your best bet both in providing selection, and later installing and helping care for your home-enhancing stone.